DEPEND® Protect Absorbent DIAPER TAPE


DEPEND® Protect Absorbent DIAPER TAPE

  • Superior Comfortable Fit^ - for your ultimate fit, discreet yet comfy experience
  • Super Absorbent Core - highly absorbent to rapidly absorbs bladder leaks
  • 3D Leak Guard - closely fit to your thigh curve for leakage prevention
  • Odor Lock Gel for Unrestricted Lifestyle
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • For Seniors who are active or need walking assistance

    • Long Lasting Protection up to 12 hours from leaks and odor
    • Wetness Indicator -  to indicate when diaper is due for change
    • Refastenable tapes and tape landing zone
    • Leak Guards for extra leakage protection
    • Highly absorbent
    • Odor Lock Gel 
    • For Seniors who are wheelchair bound and bedridden
    • Unisex

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31.5" - 41.3"

9 Pieces


37.4" - 47.2"

8 Pieces