Poise Pads Extra Plus for Heavy Bladder Leakage Protection

Poise Extra Plus Pads for Heavy Bladder Leakage Protection

Poise Pads Extra Plus for Heavy Bladder Leakage Protection

For Heavy Bladder Leakage Protection

Poise® for Bladder Leakage Protection - 2x more absorbent^ than Period Pads or Liners. Whether it’s light protection for your mildest leaks as you sneeze or heavier protection for after childbirth/overnight use, Poise® has you covered everyday with a range of Liners and Pads. ^Vs leading FEMCARE brand.

Poise® Pads Extra Plus provide discreet protection for when light bladder leakage (LBL) occurs regularly, for large amounts of liquid leakage (more than a cup) or when toilet access is limited. They are 2x more absorbent than leading period pads, so you remain protected to feel feminine, confident and in control.

Poise® Product Feature

    • 2x More Absorbent than leading Period Pads
    • Soft, quick dry cover keeps you dry and comfortable all day
    • Helps eliminate odour for utmost discretion
    • Heavy - unexpected, everyday, night-time
    • Length: 36.5 cm

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